Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond | A new chapter in the classic Star Trek JJ Abrams signature series that puts the crew of the starship Enterprise in new and unknown territory of space, stranded and trying to get back home.  A music editorial treatment from West Coast Midnight Run with the music influence of M83, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Goldfrapp, starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and Zoe Saldana.

Please visit us often as we start publishing the series of editorial segments including the music video editorial of Star Trek Beyond.  In the meantime we invite to enjoy this piece from one of our volunteers and the film review of Star Trek Into Darkness in the Art Deco Edition of West Coast Midnight Run, Art Deco style for classic Star Trek fans and science fiction lovers.


The interesting part about Star Trek Beyond is that the movie tries very hard to be as close to the original 1960s series in tone and visual style, from the setting of the crash site where the crew has to pick up the pieces and find their way back home to numerous references to the Prime timeline and the new timeline resulting from the face off against the rogue Romulan in the debut of JJ Abrams Star Trek in 2009.

Hard as it tries it succeeds in many instances to carry the viewer away in its own world and yet it fails to sweep us completely on our feet as the story feels somewhat rushed and unpolished.  Kinda like the scene in which the destroyed ship is rebuilt for our crew to ride again into the sunset?

I loved the fact that the enemy in this movie reminds us of the Vin Diesel sci-fi adventure Pitch Black which depicted alien creatures that attack in swarm-like formations.  Star Trek Beyond is even more fantastic depicting the outcome.  For a few seconds I also found myself inside another sci-fi film that also relied on the premise of an intelligent, sentient race that attacks in swarm formations - from the novel made into film, Ender's Game.

We get some highly entertaining interactions between the bridge crew members throughout this movie including the smooching Uhura, the always critical and sharp witted Bones, the bumbling, frazzled yet life-saving "Montgomery Scotty" and the always bewildered and excitable Chekov.  For all the hype about Sulu, there isnt that much for him to do in this movie and for all of the publicity about the character being gay, there is only one fleeting scene that almost goes unnoticed unless you view the film twice, whereby a male companion puts his hand on Sulu's back as they walk away.  It's almost not there and had it not been for all the hype and pre-release publicity the viewer may have easily interpreted the gesture as that between friends.

Star Trek Beyond introduces us to two new female aliens, one of which turns out to be the reason the Enterprise gets to have its ... surprise.  Sofia Boutella as Jaylah is one of the bright and fun parts of the film and one of those rare instances in which a guest star slips comfortably in with the regulars on the bridge.

What is really irritating is that Boutellah's character reminds so much of Rey (Daisy Ridley), with her long rod/weapon which seems to have been a carry over from the other movie Abrams helmed, Star Wars The Force Awakens.  A little originality with the props would have made Beyond go further.

And we have a distinct weapons and armament problem with Star Trek.  It isn't just Beyond, this flaw exists throughout the entire family of the Star Trek series and universe.  Here we are in the 23rd Century and Beyond, a deep space faring species that has weathered a full-scale nuclear holocaust on our own planet and we venture forth into the unknown, cut off from any possible help armed mostly with pee-shooting flashlight pistols.  Enterprise is boarded?  Break out the heavy weapons boys, only they are nothing more than the handheld phasers with oversized fancy shoulder stock and scopes.  The rifles themselves do not shoot nor deliver any more deadlier blasts that the handheld flashlights.  And where are the concussion grenades?  Where are the heavy shoulder launched surface to surface missiles?  Come on Trek, the audience is weaned on video games, first shooter and third shooter games, most of the viewers that enjoy sci-fi are battle-hardened troopers that spend hours in virtual trenches and log entire days each month in combat mode.

Has any of the producers seen the Brad Pitt vehicle, the World War II movie Fury?  Has anyone stopped a second to contemplate the weapons on the tank in Fury are shown to be as lethal as the heavy non-stop hand held canons that the Terminators use in the original movie The Terminator?  These are weapons that cut people into pieces as if they were made of butter - they fire with such speed and deadly results - and they are relics of World War II.  How is it our species ventures into the deep unknown, can accidentally bring back any alien race in tow after a conflict in deep space that can wreak havoc on our solar system and the crew is primarily equipped with such feeble hand held weapons?  This entire premise is out of time and out of whack.  It may have been overlooked during the 1960s in favor of the Peace movement but it looks completely ridiculous on screen when audiences have had a taste of recent reincarnations of World War II and are regular players with some of the most violent video games to emerge on the market.

Star Trek Beyond and the manner in which the escape life pods are ill equipped made me squirm in my seat.  These are lifeboats that should be equipped for survival against hostile scenarios.  So where are the deadly devastating weapons from one of the most violent species in the universe?!!!  Scotty has none and is scrounging for a nice rock to throw at the aliens.  I had to smother a laugh at this scene.  Not because it was funny, it just struck me how ridiculous the movie is at that point.

Did anyone forget that a mining vessel with a Romulan Captain can wipe out a planet with a small bomb thrown inside a deep well?  Sure Nero is from the future but not the real distant future since his opponent was Spock from the Prime timeline.

And not to add one more complaint to an otherwise highly entertaining film, but blowing up the Enterprise in each movie as a dramatic device and as means of showcasing special effects is growing thin.  The visual artists responsible for storyboarding the script before production starts need to craft another plot device to make the audience swoon in disbelief at the drama and danger of outer space besides destroying the lone vessel Enterprise, presently bestowed with an intergalactic record for being wiped out and rebuilt.

In spite of all of these concerns and weaknesses Star Trek Beyond remains a solid entertainment piece, especially if you are a fan of the original series, a new Millennium kid that finds reliving an earlier era of the age of science fiction cool.  However I suspect older audiences may find this installment a little short on polish, if not substance.

There are a couple more surprises this film holds up its sleeve for moviegoers, we think the less they know the more fun it could be.

And to be fair there are some spectacular scenes of The Enterprise going down that will make you feel as if you are onboard and living the frightening experience.  I believe the Star Trek Beyond team owes a nod of appreciation to Director James Cameron and the high benchmark set with his movie, Titanic (1997).

As this turns out to be the year of reliving nostalgia in science fiction (Star Wars The Force Awakens and Star Trek Beyond), I am waiting on the third piece of the trilogy, Star Wars Rogue One in December and hoping it will exceed the expectations already built up by the teasers.

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Just read your tweet and felt it was necessary to post condolences, so devastating his passing, it's terrible only a few days before the release of Star Trek, must really be hurting all over for his family.

The newswires just updated their story on the "freak accident" Star Trek Checkov's (Anton Yelchin) was involved in and now are clarifying that it was his jeep that somehow rolled down on him and crushed him against his house gate at the bottom of his driveway,  I am still in disbelief and so are my customers at the bar, we love ya Anton wherever you may be, big cheers to a bright talent that ably brought alive the role of Pavel Chekov made dear to us by Walter Koenig.

The defective jeep rolled down over him?  That's what the news is reporting now?!!!  So he walks down the steep driveway to his mailbox near the gate with his jeep at the top, he is checking his mail and the jeep rolls down fast enough he doesn't notice and does not move out of the way?  Get crushed by his car against the gate?  A little odd to me picturing this set of events.

This guy was brilliant and unassuming, quiet and very talented, at 27 he had already distinguised himself repeatedly with big name actors, loved him in Hearts in Atlantis, and yet zero garbage on tabloids, no scandals, no paparazzi fanfares, no girlfriends troubles to stoke for the media and publicity machine, nothing, ultra clean and ultra quiet and now this?!!!!! It's really sad when the good ones leave us as quietly as they lived stuck with the garbage to watch on the hype news

Anton Yelchin was a powerful actor who could support the cast without overshadowing Zachary or Chris in their leading roles although by all account the original Chekov with Koenig was supposed to be a teen heartthrob to woo younger female audiences while William Shatner's Kirk drew in older females.  Now that Yelchin bowed out so tragically is the studio casting a new actor with a bigger sex appeal to rival Chris Pine's abilities to make the ladies pine for him and the show?  Just rambling thoughts on my lunch break but Yelchin's untimely passing is sad and tragic any way you cut it.

For one thing it will difficult to accept a new replacement for Anton Yelchin as Chekov.  The audience has already been molded by the persona and acting skills of Yelchin.  To throw a new actor on the screen as a replacement Chekov would feel odd fourth movie in the series and if they should cast a sexy guy to appeal to the women, it might backfire out of loyalty.  JJ Abrams loves casting young ladies in leading roles (Jennifer Garner in Alias and Daisy in Star Wars) so maybe Kirk should have a flirty young lady ensign to draw his affections while Spock is constantly smooching with Uhura.  Can't have the Captain of the Enterprise a monk while his Lieutenant is a regular Casanova.  Bones also needs a squeeze otherwise audiences might think this is the military of the 1950s in outer space.  Please do not interpret this an an endorsement for an LGBT Star Trek series

Far out and it's really really hot 'cause it got one of my favorite music divas - Rihanna in Sister Sledge, J/K her single is Sledgehammer did she borrow the title from Peter Gabriel?  Guys your stuff is hot when are we gonna see more of your special editorial pieces on this film?  The premiere has almost premiered.  Some of your fans are rooting for you to give us more of your specials.

You folks have no idea how excited I am to go see Star Trek at its premiere weekend, planning on meeting up with old acquaintances Bubba Fett, The Emperor Palpitating Palpatine, Darth Maul, General Tar-Kin and so many others, I am so excited I have a hard-on the length of my lightsaber.  Despite all of my excitement for Star Trek as it is JJ's baby and I am bound to be excited by contract, I dont think it will coast ahead of Star Wars The Force Awakens, just an evil Sith Lord's intuition sadly this has nothing to do with The Force.

His fatal accident really puts a shadow over this adventure of Trek.  I still think it's freakie and unnerving when this happens, same when Heath Ledger died right before the premiere of The Dark Knight.  I want to see the movie but I am not going with a sunny smile like nothing had happened.  We miss Anton.

one would have thought with the raging success of the Borg versus Voyager, Star Trek TNG and The Terminator series as well as X-Men versus The Sentinels that the new Star Trek adventure would have had some kind of robot/alien machine threat that Enterprise would face off against.  Nope no Borg, no Terminators, no Sentinels, No Joy.

That' how good this guy is, I dont care what some of the critics are saying about this movie, he did amazing work  with Fast and Furious - should be something to see him work his magic in an outer space series.  I hope he stays on for a few more sequels.  Star Trek is too cerebral and needs an action type director to make it haul ass across the galaxy.

Bones is the sexiest of the litter for a little pussy cat, and he is the most urbane, suave and expressive.  Boner ....bummer...  Urban isn't the actor cast as the Captain.  He can convey more intensity and seriousness than Pine.

Kirk and Scott make the most effective crew of the Enterprise, together they can run the ship with little help from anyone.  To quote Engineer Scott "The best diplomat I know of is a fully activated phaser bank"

Insofar as pseudo "science" science-fiction films, Star Trek is up there right behind one-off films such as The Martian, and the remakes of The Day The Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds and a few more.  I will probably go see Star Trek Beyond as soon as the mania subsides, so long as they dont cast Rihanna from Battleship and Lady Gaga as Nurse Chapel.  They would diminish the sex appeal of the series as they have already attained "old lady" status.  We need a 20something Kate Upton or Emily Bett Rickards to twirl heads at the theater - cough cough.