Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

West Coast Midnight Run's editorial and exclusive video music presentation of Mission Impossible starts with this piece with Black Betty and Ram Jam adding an uncanny polish to super spy super sleuth Ethan Hunt and his adventures on the road in his newest chapter; Mission Impossible Rogue Nations starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg.
Although the smaller version is tantalizingly naughty, we urge you to view the full-size clip at MidnightTracks.net to enjoy the full scope of this editorial effort.  We don't want to make you cry, we aim to blow you away.  This piece and the upcoming follow-up we hope, along with our 10-piece Furious 7 editorial presentation, will accomplish the goal.
The Mission Impossible team returns with a vengeance this year, at a power clip so high it could easily topple its longstanding benchmark debut film of 1996 (grossing $458 Million worldwide in 1990s dollars), and its brilliantly polished successor, the almost flawless MI-2 (released in 2000).
Mission Impossible's  opening sequences immediately set the tone for an adventure closer in style to the very first movie.
What's in the bag for audiences?  The big surprise is the anti-IMF agency, The Syndicate, an organization straight out of the James Bond book of top shelf villains.
Only The Syndicate in MI-5 is a little less obscure and more in line with Black Ops groups portrayed by rogue organizations in movies such as the Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) series - a tad more concrete and grounded.
In typical IMF fashion the movie moves from one set of spectacular action sequences to the next, all the way to the "all ends well" finale leaving the viewer with a smile and a satisfied feeling of a solid ending.  Our heroes having faced another deadly enemy, a mystery to tackle, jostling the viewer from one exotic international locale to another - the trademarks of a well-made IMF movie.
Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt returns with Jeremy Renner (Bourne Legacy and The Avengers Age of Ultron), Simon Pegg (Star Trek, ST Into Darkness) and Ving Rhames as the "Fantastic Four" core IMF team.  While Cruise and Pegg practically steal the spotlight in this adventure, along with new member Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust, Renner and Rhames still dock in some enjoyable scenes as second fiddle.
In Rogue Nations, the IMF team is on the brink, sandbagged by multiple, highly respected international spy agencies.  Even though James Bond never sets eyes or Walther PPK on Ethan Hunt, the most delightful aspect of Rogue Nations is the IMF's toe-to-toe with MI-6, 007's boss.
As has been the case with every Mission Impossible movie, at the core of each adventure is the big Houdini magic trick - the escape from the deadly water tank show.  Mission Impossible Rogue Nations is true to form.  The Houdini showpiece is the signature act that gives the Mission Impossible the "impossible" brand image.  Of course it's nothing as disgustingly graphic or gruesome as the opening act in Saw VII where two men and a woman are strapped down to electric saws in a glass box and the game is a tug of war over who gets sliced into two in front of a public square crowd - where the police takes forever to arrive and shoot down the glass.
The Houdini Act in the second Mission Impossible movie?  It was the death defying dive from a helicopter straight into a ventilation shaft of a high rise building into the central computer core vault whose invaluable data is needed to hook and sink the villain.  This is where the M.I. team unfurls its extreme specialty skills and pole vaults the viewer several steps up in excitement from the regular spy fare.  There are minimal gadgets and the stunt hinges on taking deadly risks, clever planning, super precision, and sheer dumb luck.
The Houdini piece in Rogue Nations eerily echoes MI-2's breathtaking sequence but then this is a specialty black ops team, they come into play for precisely these types of scenarios - the audience should be prepared that each installment will have a very similar scenario, the impossible trick that the IMF team will pull off, or not, depending on the storyline.
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation plays this piece beautifully and factors in Ethan Hunt's less than optimal physique.
Are there any clunker moments in this film?  The most notable is the first setpiece that creates the counterweight to the entire film.  To further elaborate, one of the world's largest intelligence agencies is presented as if its senior leadership has never dealt with Black Ops organizations, and comes across to the audience as a snotty dilettante who does everything by the book - crossing their P's and dotting their Q's just like a bunch of old fashioned CPAs or the Hanes Quality Inspector.
All in all Tom Cruise and friends turn in a highly satisfying adventure that should put his pal and competition, 007, on the defensive.  Will Bond, James Bond, match the game of Mission Impossible?  We're looking forward to his dealings with Spectre.
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And I thought your Furious 7 with the Rolling Stones was the absolute best until I just viewed the MI 5 set to the drumbeats of Ram Jam jamming Black Betty, BB King almighty it blew me away, just never expected a video to be this good, do you guys work with the movie studios or what's going on?  Looks to me as if the music was closely coordinated with the first trailer but this aint the official studio version.  Just incredible cant wait to find out what you have in store for seconds.  Said Two Part Presentation so when do we get to see it?  The movie premiere weekend is coming up soon.  Congrats all around to all involved.  If they gave awards for this kind of work you guys would be on top for several entries.

I don't mean to pry, do you mind  me asking what is the make and name of the super sleek candy red hottie?  I don't think she's street legal and haven't seen any like that in commercials, movies, mags or catalogs.  Is this car being featured in the movie?

I can't tell you how hot this set is for Mission Impossible, but the second piece with B.M.?  I even noticed how the film footage has an abundant amount of blue lighting, blue shirt on "huggy bear" in the meeting, blue map on the wall and blue subway lighting, blue stage lights and blue suits - if you're paying attention rather than watching the clip in a foggy haze, it's thematically all over in the footage.  Yes sure the Black Betty track is just perfect for your editorial clip, fits closer with the action scenes,  but B.M. hit the nail dead on poetry, so poetic flirts closer with the overall scenery - love it.  And the beat?  Just sex for my ears.  Thanks guys for a nice couple of minutes.

Japanese rocket bikes or Euro super rides?  what are they joyriding in this movie, I'd like to know.  Ever since Tom jetted on his bike in Top Gun and raced the F-16 at Miramar AFB, the expression "wanna ride?" has never been the same.

The press is all over Mission Impossible MI 5 this week, never noticed anything like this, coverage for this movie has gone vertical and we have attained Mach 1 and climbing.  I wonder what's gonna be like the week of the premiere.  Will there be any ammo left in the magazine clips?  MI 5 could be the best one yet from the entire IMF franchise, and hey your video is up there sky high, all the magazines and newspapers are touting "exclusive" every five minutes but your videos, wow screaming hot and sexy, the second piece is my fav, give it thumbs up.  The entire three-piece is a scorcher set from start to finish, great editing, pacing and storytelling, love it.

Chris Evans as Cap, Tom Cruise as Ethan or Matt Damon as Jason?  Oooooh tough choices there

My top three video music sets are 1) This is The End (super original), 2) Kingsman The Secret Service (surprisingly fun, dark and appropriately cut) and Mission Impossible with Ram Jam/New Order/BA interlude (far out, you have outdone yourselves).  This is the best yet I have viewed hope you guys can keep this trend up.  What a blast.  The movie is also a fun IMF episode.  Dont wanna spoil anything for your readers but it's really good - no secrets there.