The Fate of The Furious

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So here I am at the movie theater watching another new episode of The Fast and Furious, toted as a new beginning beyond the Paul Walker milestone.
I was a bit, just a tad, blown away by the teasers from Universal, the previews showed a movie that was clearly in league with the 007 Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan matching his Aston Martin against Nordic Ice and tundra as he raced to stop an international crime ring who had developed the ultimate Deadshot toy … hovering all the way above in Outer Space.   Hmmm is it remotely like that new XXX Xander Zone movie with Diesel in his fur coat going after the proverbial Pandora Box and running into all kind of XXX agents?
And then the lights dim and the film glows into view on the big screen with a drone shot of the Florida Keys and a vintage 1950s red four door sedan cruising on the highway over the Caribbean blue as it winds its way into Havana, Cuba (well Gary used a nice cut to skip over the ferry ride from the Keys to Havana harbor).  I was thinking this was so cool, JJ Abrams would be all laughs if Chris Pine was driving the red cruiser and the Diesel and Rodriguez were in the back seat.
Fate of The Furious is a very strong entry in the franchise, and will undoubtedly score big for Universal at the box office.  The chief complaint from this viewer is that at some point the movie crosses over into the Twilight Zone, more like The Science Fiction Zone and firmly careens into that territory ignoring the sensibilities of some viewers for the benefit of giving the targeted demographics one hell of a ride – with supercharged adrenaline drinks at every corner.  Forget the tequilas and margaritas this one is gonna blast off with super unleaded rated at 150 RR method in the tank (yep much more rarefied than jet fuel which hovers at 90 if you are lucky and it reeks of Diesel).  I can already picture head gaskets blowing and piston rod connectors bowing sideways from the driveline to the piston head.
Fate of the Furious makes a huge effort in keeping its central theme the focus of this movie, family values, which had provided a certain “Little House” feel about our heroes ever since their debut in 2000.
But it really is hard to keep that theme in play, when each next installment plays less and less screen time to family and more and more to oversized, out-of-this-world stunts, huge hardware and more extravaganza.
This trend started in earnest with Furious 7, and now the series has become firmly entrenched in science fiction as it positions itself as another crack commandos black ops, shadow agency poised to take over global threats to keep the world a better place for all drag race enthusiasts and world-class street racers.
Yep Fast and Furious is now officially in competition with Jason Bourne, XXX and 007 and did we overlook Mission Impossible?  It’s getting a little crowded on the road and this “quick change” whips up the flavor of NY cop John McClane thrown into CIA territory in a Good Day to Die Hard (2013).
All is fine and dandy until Cipher pulls her first play card from her sleeve and dive bombs more than 1,000 cars on the streets of New York by hacking their onboard computer chip which is really a NAV/GPS chip designed to relay satellite positioning and Google maps.  How did all these cars from various manufacturers beat the R&D department in materializing a magical extra set of driveline and front axle steering mechanisms (known in the trade as servos) when this type of technology is not on the road yet and is only partly in the lab, on test platforms and on the drawing board?
Did the Fast and Furious crew pull a Barry Allen/The Flash time travel sprint into the not-so-distant future?  No matter you tell yourself as you continue watching our heroes push the envelope and risk life and dear limb to save us and each other.
Fate of the Furious gives us a super cool villain in the form of Charlize Theron, and after years of playing characters such as Furiosa in Mad Max and the evil Queen Ravenna in The Huntsman series, it’s a walk in the park for Theron who teamed up with Director Gary Gray on The Italian Job in 2003 with co-star Mark Wahlberg in a car heist adventure.  Charlize is also due out this year in Atomic Blonde, a period spy thriller movie supposed to have more in common with The Man from U.N.C.L.E. but with the teasers and press previews in play it really feels more like a Kate Beckinsale flick from the Underworld series.
The writers and director of this installment go way out in rehabilitating Jason Statham’s evil bad guy persona Deckard Shaw.  Remember that Deckard waxed off one of the original Furious team members, Han, like as much as a bug on a windshield in Tokyo and came after our heroes in F7.
In this movie, Jason Statham is given a super cute scene in which he is completing his mission and fending off some very nasty heavies, and he does it all in complete John Wick cool style.  If you’d like to see more of Statham he recently teamed up with Jessica Alba in Mechanic: Resurrection, more along the lines of The Transporter meets John Wick.
In terms of female roles, most of the dialogue is usurped by Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron with very little left for Elsa Pataky and Nathalie Emmanuel.  Both should have had a little more to do to make their presence more memorable and the continuation of the characters plausible and relevant.
Tej and Roman (Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson) do some of their usual comic relief and then there is one super-duper scene in which Roman turns into a deadly Bondian imitation clicking off a hand pistol after an incredible ride on the Nordic plains.  But fear not, not only Universal Solider Kurt Russell is on hand to provide a kind of Robert Redford leadership in Captain America, we also have what I thought would be introduced as the next Brian, the new Paul Walker replacement, Mr. Clint Eastwood Jr., Scott Eastwood – and given half a chance he can easily pull it off but that’s something that is not really dealt to the audience in this film.  More to watch for in his participation in the franchise and how his role develops in upcoming installments.
If you don’t mind a bigger and bigger “science fiction” component taking over the series, then it’s a very enjoyable fun flick with Fate of The Furious gang.  It just seems that the franchise that spun several wickedly entertaining film pieces on die-hard street racing buddies who band together when faced with some every day dangers gone awry in the Los Angeles valley has now become a completely different animal, a beast that is moving to its own beat and may soon run out of road (and jungle) to wander.


Loved your work, incredible match up between D.S. song and the movie clip, incredible, you guys are the bomb.  And Fate of the Furious was so off the wall fun, a blast even though John Woo and James Wan, neither was involved in this production.  Yeah a little extreme as your review suggested but liked it still, hope the next one wont be our pals chasing bad guys in another galaxy heehee-hehe let's hope the tires stay on the ground.

Yeah everyone is going to see it in droves but it got none of the intensity of Furious 7 and once more a film cheats the audience by making some continuity adjustments in the series that are just silly .... more pandering to star status

Loved this movie through and through had everything right and a few wrong turns but still was fun as your review summed up.  There were Deja Vu moments of Bond 007 in there but being a huge fan of FF didnt really click my ticker.  Ride or die Bro.

Charlize Theron didnt really sell this movie as a super cyber techno chick should have used a much younger lead villain and would have made more sense if she made the moves on Toretto, his cool would be tested to the limits as she fans the fires of brains and beauty at him.  Charlize is beginning to show her wrinkles.

Well almost but it's really good.  I guess I'll have to register an account if I want to see the other pieces from this set.  I noticed you have a new requirement for viewing your videos, you should post it in a more conspicuous spot for all visitors and viewers.

Ouch  you guys are back and this time the Fate of Furious video I viewed is almost better than any of the set you produced for Furious 7.  But there is a catch!  With Furious 7 you guys put out an entire awesome set and was just incredible.  With Fate of the Furious there are only three?  Are you skimping on your fans?  You can do better.  Ten pieces with F7, wow that was off the charts!

I'd love to see a romantic thriller movie with Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron along the lines of This Means War starring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon.  Funny how there never was a sequel to that film.