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The publication is currently developing both exclusive and adult editions content. To access the Members Only area you will need to register for an account. It's free of charge and there are no fees at all times. The publisher has not charged any fees to any members since 2005 when the publication was launched. The publisher does not use your information for any purposes outside of verifying your age and identity in avoiding fraudulent members and vandals.

A membership account provides you with access to all areas of the blog for posting comments and to the exclusive editions in the Members Only area. You will also receive quarterly updates of the publication and reminders of any modifications or overhaul of our sites and venues. When you register for an account, you will receive an email, be sure to read the activation instructions and follow them to ensure your account is activated.

If you encounter any problems please contact us for assistance, use the contact form at this site or the contact form at the main publication's welcome portal.