Advertising and Media

For some experts in business the word advertising immediately conjures up images of large agencies on the East Coast with consumer behavior specialists, focus groups, statisticians, mass media psychologists, media and marketshare monitors, media brokers and buyers and tons and tons of smaller affiliated or in-house staff, artists and designers dedicated to generating the creative content, the final product in print, on billboards, in magazines, over the radio and in television spots.  
Advertising in this sense also immediately conjures up mountains of budgetary figures that would kick-start the advertising and media machine.
Advertising and media is never this complicated.  It can be if you want it.  Advertising is as simple as telling your colleagues about your business, attending a symposium, shaking hands and leaving your business card with key individuals you have identified beforehand.  
All of these preceding activities are advertising.  
For bigger businesses and small that require more action to bear on the market and need close to instantaneous results, the more machinery your business will require the closer your path moves to the big agencies on the East Coast.
The more pressing your needs for an immediate solution and the bigger your scale of operations the more likely you will be facing an increasing and steep premium for your advertising projects.  
However between the personal contacts you cultivate and that business meeting with a vertically-integrated "full service" global media agency, there is a stretch of road with lots of options and choices in between designed to mitigate your problem.
Overspending is easy and advertising is expensive, especially if you let it run your business.  
Your business has already been sidetracked when advertising becomes the one and only solution rather than a mix of advertising, better product, a better business strategy and an improved value chain.
At Citadel we will help small business and support mid-size corporations with their media and advertising needs before they decide on making the big leap and the tall order.  
Ask us what we can do for you.